My Spaceship

I recently went to a collage workshop hosted by Paper Girl Bristol. It’s not something I’d done much of before, so it was nice to try something new. It was interesting how the inspiration and ideas just came from whatever images I happened to find, it was much less pressure than having to plan what I was going to make.



The Sketchbook Project 2013

Last year a friend introduced me to Brooklyn art library and the sketchbook project. They sent me a sketchbook which I filled and sent back to them. It was quite different to anything I’d done before. Over the past few years my work has been getting bigger and  bigger and I was feeling daunted by the A5 sketchbook. Small and detailed is really not my strong point. My starting point was strangers, so I spent the summer (when I had the most time to work on it) procrastinating and trying to plan what I was going to do. Admittedly the end result was a bit rushed as I did most of it during my four week Christmas break before I had to send it back in January. Finally after almost a year my (kind of) completed sketchbook is on a road trip around the states and in the Sketchbook project’s digital library. Here’s the link: